We Are Southern California's Original Food Cart Caterers

Let’s Have A Cart Party is a food cart catering company based in Los Angeles, California, that focuses on delivering a fun and unique experience to the event of your choice. What is it about our catering that makes us a little different? First of all, we put our customer first. We aspire to give all of our clients a customized experience based on their individual needs in an authentic way. We believe that we do business with people, and it’s important to hear the needs of our customers. Secondly, we love what we do. It’s something about planning and preparing a party that makes it almost just as fun as attending it.

We serve our delicious treats out of our antique-style food carts, giving your event a fun and different flavor. It’s a refreshing change from the ordinary catering experience that you may find elsewhere. Oh, and did we mention that kids love it?

When Should You Host a Cart Party?

  •      If you’re birthday is coming up, call us.
  •      Even better, if your child’s birthday is coming up, let us know.
  •      Are you looking to host a gathering of friends outdoors in this gorgeous California weather? We’re your catering team.
  •      If you’re looking to surprise your employees, host a corporate picnic catered by our antique-style food carts.
  •      Is a major Holiday just around the corner? We can help you cater your Cinco de Mayo, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Christmas and Halloween parties, just to name a few.
  •    Are you the type of person who loves celebrating life and any chance to party? Now’s the time!

What Happens When You Contact Us?

The first thing we do is work with you to understand and outline what your needs are, as well as answering any questions. Are you hosting a birthday party for your child? Are you hosting an event to reconnect with a group of friends? Is Fourth of July just around the corner, giving you little to no time to prepare? We’d like to hear what thoughts and ideas you have in mind and how you’re picturing this special event. From there, we can walk you through our process and explain how we can make your event a no-brainer for you as the host/hostess.

Menu Options

We offer everything from snacks and sweets to hot dogs, tacos, salads and freshly made pizza. Take a look at our full menu for our current offerings.

We’re looking forward to hosting your cart party and are excited to connect with you soon.


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Let us handle all the hassle so that you can enjoy your party. Trust us, it’s worth it!


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