Kosher Catering in Los Angeles, CA

Kosher Catering in Los Angeles

Kosher Catering

Kosher Catering in Los Angeles

Let’s Have a Cart Party brings you the best Glatt Kosher catering in Los Angeles. Our Glatt Kosher menu (meat or non-dairy items) is prepared under direct RCC supervision on dedicated kosher carts, such as our kosher hot dog cart. We offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner options along with drinks and desserts, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us to discuss what options we can provide to make your birthday party, event, corporate picnic or backyard hangout extra special.

Let us bring our kosher catering to you and your guests.


We’re looking forward to connecting with you and to helping you plan your event.

Let’s Have A Cart Party’s Mission

We are a Los Angeles & Orange County California Food Cart Catering Company. We have the largest selection of food carts around and our mission is to help you plan and execute a fun-filled food cart party event that has an original touch and flavor. We strive to deliver great service and cater to every season and budget.

We’re permitted on all studio lots and most parks in California, and we have full liability and workman’s compensation insurance.